About Us

Simplying operations for good!

About Us

At Syook, we believe that the Internet of Things presents companies of all sizes with the opportunity to optimise their operations and achieve enormous savings, with minimum expense. Our first product, Syook InSite, gives businesses complete visibility into their operations, from the movement of people to the monitoring of assets. We believe that the operational improvements this technology will bring about could result in huge changes, helping industries make a successful transition to Industry 4.0.




Meet Our Team

The founding team has over 25 years experience in dealing with complex oilfield operations in different parts of the world. Managing operations, with almost zero tolerance to failure, on a tight schedule and budget is something all the team members excel at.

Arjun Nagarajan CEO / Co-Founder

Arjun is deeply involved in product innovation, engaging with customers to gather feedback and aligning the product for maximum impact. He has a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from IIT Guwahati and has worked in the oilfield services sector in India, Qatar and the US. He has significant experience in handling customers, employees and assets while keeping an eye on the financial health of the business.

Aman Agarwal Co-Founder

Aman builds the tech that drives the InSite platform and the go-to person to get logical, level-headed insight into what makes the product. Aman has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras and a Masters in Economics and Management from IFP, Paris. He has worked in India, Qatar and Thailand as a Professional Field Engineer.

Saurabh Sharma Co-Founder

As head of business development, Saurabh takes great pride in mentoring businesses on how Syook can power their growth. Saurabh graduated in Mechatronics from the Indo Swiss Institute in Chandigarh. He has worked in India, Abu Dhabi and Saudi as a Field Service Manager and Quality Manager with Halliburton.