Using RTLS Technology To Prevent Equipment Loss In Hospitals

Technological advances have definitely contributed to higher security and deterred crime in many aspects of our day-to-day lives, from surveillance cameras to fingerprint scanning, in public spaces and on private property. There is a great deal of peace and reassurance that can come from new-age security systems. In hospitals, the use of RTLS technology has a big impact on the safety and security of staff and patients alike, with the added benefit of streamlining everyday workflow and tracking important assets to avoid misplacement and, more seriously, theft.

An In-Depth Look Into BLE Beacons

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons are devices you will hear about very frequently, as manufacturers transition to Industry 4.0. Beacons are useful in on-premise indoor navigation, monitoring movement of assets and people and in collecting data to improve security and streamline processes. If you’re still…