5 lessons we learnt from the oilfield
about building a better startup

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Looking for a tech co-founder ? My 2 cents on why you should learn to code


5 lessons we learnt from the oilfield about building a better startup


The Roadmap for Implementing an Enterprise-Wide Real-Time Location System

A Real-Time Location System (RTLS) can offer a wide range of benefits to an organisation, from a safer environment to productivity gains. These benefits aren’t limited to one-time changes to an opera

January 7, 2019Read More

5 Common Myths About RTLS – And Why They’re Just That

As real-time location systems (RTLS) steadily gain ground for the efficiencies they lend to operations and the wealth of information they provide management, several myths have cropped up regarding their use. These mis

January 14, 2019Read More

Why You Need To Reconsider Your Passive RFID Solution

Passive RFID or radio-frequency identification (RFID) found early success over a decade ago, being used in a variety of industries. It’s used in access systems at offices, seen at check out points at retail shops and

January 22, 2019Read More

Four Benefits of RTLS For Optimising Truck Turnaround

For most manufacturing units, bottlenecks begin at the gate. At large factories, with hundreds of trucks entering and leaving on a daily basis, the congestion can trigger a slowdown across the supply chain. Managing this hassle manually is chaotic

February 7, 2019Read More

Five Ways RTLS Can Help Improve Operations In The Healthcare Sector

The cost of inefficiency in most industries only affects the bottom-line. In healthcare, the impact is much larger. Poor operating processes and mismanagement of equipment can cost lives. There have long been solutions to automate operations at he

February 14, 2019Read More

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