5 lessons we learnt from the oilfield
about building a better startup

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Looking for a tech co-founder ? My 2 cents on why you should learn to code


5 lessons we learnt from the oilfield about building a better startup


A Win For Location Technology: Bluetooth’s New Direction Finding Feature

The demand for Bluetooth technology keeps growing, with the rise in popularity of location-based services. Over the next three years, the technology is expected to be in 400 million RTLS devices. This may even increase with the major update to the te

February 26, 2019Read More

Using RTLS Technology To Prevent Equipment Loss In Hospitals

Technological advances have definitely contributed to higher security and deterred crime in many aspects of our day-to-day lives, from surveillance cameras to fingerprint scanning, in public spaces and on private prope

March 13, 2019Read More

Engineering Syook InSite: Challenges while building an IoT product

As we gear up for the launch of the first version of our flagship IoT product, InSite, I thought this is the perfect time to look back at our journey and share learnings from

April 12, 2019Read More

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