Syook Helps COVID-19 Pandemic
Syook Helps The COVID-19 Pandemic
Home Quarantine Solution

Home Quarantine Solution

People under home quarantine are impossible to monitor without a foolproof technical solution.

Syook HQS Enables you to:

  1. Ensure 24×7 surveillance without compromising individual privacy
  2. The HQS Tag can not be removed without cutting the bracelet
  3. Unlike mobile phones the Syook HQS Tag can not be switched off or left at home
  4. The Tag has active motion sensors and lack of movement can be linked to alerts
  5. The Tag is IP66 rated and can be worn while taking bath

Business Continuity

Containing the spread of infection using easy to deploy technologies can allow your organization to continue operations these dire times.

Syook RTLS Enables you to:

  1. Control the spread of the virus by quickly identifying potentially infected workers
  2. Improve Business Continuity by identifying the potential hot spots in your facility
  3. Automate compliances for preventing overcrowding anywhere in the facility
  4. Address employee anxiety so they can focus on work
  5. Prevent total shutdown through real time visibility on potentially infected workspaces
Business Continuity

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