The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been far reaching and far felt. During these tough times, technology has played a pivotal role in deciding how countries manage their resources and people. Despite being technologically advanced, several developed countries around the world have suffered huge loss of life. 

On the contrary, developing countries such as India and China, despite their really high population, have fared much better against this fight by making maximum use of technology. Global experts believe that clinical testing is the most important aspect to curtail the spread of the virus. But testing alone cannot fight this war and requires rigorous contact tracing and targeted quarantine as its support system. When we at Syook realized the importance of the support systems, we created our own tools to battle the virus.

Contact Tracing: The Requirement

Contact Tracing tools are used for identifying individuals that may be at risk from the virus. These tools are used for determining where and for how long an individual was exposed to a patient who tested positive. It is a reverse tracing tool that relies heavily on location of the individual and his/her movement in the past few days. Contact tracing is very important as many positive Covid-19 patients are initially asymptomatic and could show symptoms even after a fortnight.

Targeted Quarantine: The Necessity

Once an individual is identified to be potentially high risk using contact tracing, the next important step is isolation or quarantine. Globally, this process of self or forced quarantine has been the most effective system in reducing the curve of the virus and keeping the fatality rate low. Countries that have failed targeted quarantine have seen an exponential rise in the number of positive cases and increased death rates. 

Real Time Location System: The Tech behind it

Contact Tracing in an indoor environment and Targeted Quarantine require technologies primarily based on RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) and many economies such as Bahrain, China, South Korea, India and Israel have developed mobile based applications for the same. Various self assessment tools and online medical advice related to Covid-19 is available for citizens through these applications. These applications make use of macro and micro location technologies in the form of GPS and Bluetooth in order to provide the potential risk in the area and to the individual. 

Syook: Our battle against Covid-19

In our humanitarian fight against Covid-19, we at Syook realized the need of the hour. We tweaked our RTLS engine to not only help in Home Quarantine but also to work as a tool for Business Continuity in organizations. Any organization big or small can undertake contact tracing and risk profiling of their individual employees and ensure that operations are not hampered due to forced shutdowns. Contact tracing of individuals can be undertaken with the help of smart phones or with additional external hardware in case of high security areas.

We look forward to collaborating with consulting firms, tech companies and government agencies in order to tackle challenges that we are facing today. Let us unite and fight this deadly pandemic together.