Real Time Location


Syook InSite allows businesses to visualize their operations,
providing information that can easily translate into
measurable impact on the bottom-line.

Optimise your business with location sharing

What is Syook Insite?

InSite is an Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to generate highly-accurate location data of all your resources, both assets and people, at much lower costs than comparable technologies. The result: Quick RoI and Improved Operational Performance. It’s Industry 4.0, ready for deployment!

What powers Syook Insite?

BLE Beacons

InSite uses BLE Beacons, which are low-cost devices that can be set-up on any asset, from forklifts to people, and announce their identity in real-time to readers set up across your facility without interfering with operations.

Proprietary Positioning Engine

Accuracy is a concern with location systems.Therefore, we have built our own proprietary positioning engine that filters out noise generated by the beacons to always provide an accurate position. We can set up a pilot to demonstrate.

Comprehensive Analytics

InSite comes with a complete location analytics
system. You can track compliance fulfillment, long-term asset efficiency and much else. In
short, anything that can be tracked through location can be understood using InSite.


Lets crack some numbers

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Benefits of Syook InSite

InSite can quickly help reveal optimization opportunities in your operations. It offers up the ability to conduct time-motion studies to increase worker efficiency and, optimize resource flow.

Control access to restricted areas, monitor visitors to the facility and improve the efficiency of your emergency response plan with InSite, a cost-effective solution for increasing safety standards.

Compliance monitoring is time-consuming. But with the right rule configuration on the InSite dashboard, many aspects of compliance monitoring can be automated and compliance itself is likely
to see improvement.

Advanced BLE tags are a lightweight solution with lower set-up costs than other RTLS technologies, and can be quickly integrated with existing IT infrastructure.

InSite can be customized to improve productivity, efficiency, security, and compliance of any operation. From visitor management to asset tracking, we can have it all covered.

A dashboard with complete visibility of your operations, and the ability to define and redefine how you track it. Virtually monitor operations from anywhere, at any time.


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