People Management

Enhanced Workforce Efficiency

People Management

Enhanced Workforce Efficiency

Importance of Human Resource

An employee is the backbone of any organization. Even a fully automated manufacturing facility requires humans to operate, maintain and upgrade machines. Therefore, Human Resource management has been such a crucial field in all progressive organizations.

In a facility where individuals are hired for operating machines, or for moving material from one place to another, a delay in tasks impacts production and manpower efficiency.


Lets crack some numbers

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Benefits of People Management

  • Real time and automated attendance of each individual
  • Real time headcount and total man-power available within the facility
  • Availability of actual working hours of an individual at their designated work-station
  • Real time location of individuals allows supervisors to ensure that production machines in manufacturing units and nurse stations in hospitals are continuously manned with no shortage of man-power
  • Syook People Management System allows configuration of rules for individuals or a set of individuals
  • For example, if a worker is away from the workstation beyond a predefined time, the supervisor can get an instant alert
  • Other rules like no overcrowding in a machine room can also be configured and will be triggered if the number of individuals in the machine room exceeds the predefined threshold
  • Consolidated Attendance Report for an employee or group of employees
  • Heat Maps for identifying movement and time spent by an individual in various areas within the facility

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