What is Syook InSite?

Insite is an Industrial IoT solution that uses BLE beacons to generate highly-accurate location data at much lower costs than comparable technologies. The result is quick RoI and improved operational performance. It’s Industry 4.0, ready for deployment.

What Drives InSite

BLE Beacons

InSite uses BLE Beacons, which are low-cost devices that can be set-up on any asset, from forklifts to people, and announce their identity in real-time to readers set up across your facility without interfering with operations.

Proprietary Positioning Engine

Accuracy is a concern with location systems. Therefore, we have built our own proprietary positioning engine that filters out noise generated by the beacons to always provide an accurate position. We can set up a pilot to demonstrate.

Rules Dashboard

InSite enables easy decision-making. This is made possible by a customisable rules engine that allows you to turn events, such as the entry of a person into a restricted area, into notifications, which are accessible anywhere, at anytime.

Comprehensive Analytics

InSite comes with a complete location analytics system. You can track compliance fulfillment, long-term asset efficiency and much else. In short, anything that can be tracked through location can be understood using InSite.

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Syook InSite on Mobile

All our customers have access to an exclusive version of our mobile app, downloadable from the Play Store or App Store.

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  • Operational visibility, from anywhere, at any time!
  • Get relevant alerts and notifications straight to the phone
  • Click photos and attach information related to assets deployed
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Benefits of Syook InSite

Quick RoI

BLE Beacons are a low-cost solution with high accuracy, enabling immediate operational savings and quick return on investment.

Complete Security

We follow the highest security standards, and, aside from making use of Wi-Fi, InSite has absolutely nothing to do with your current IT set-up.

Easily Scalable

You may begin testing out beacons on areas of any size and widen reach of the application as you begin to see positive results.

Fast Set-up

A well-designed product and intuitive adoption process means that your business can have InSite tested and running in a few days.

Smart Dashboard

An easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to set-up rules for every asset and provides analytics to help offer insights in your operations.

Heatmaps On-Demand

Data can often hide what’s right in front of you. This is why InSite comes with heatmaps that provide complete process visibility.

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Product Specifications

IOT Gateway : Our IOT gateway …..Range, etc.

Operating Mode: Beaconing
Operating Temp.:
Wireless Range:
Signal Frequency:
Battery Life:

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