Applications of RTLS

Emergency Mustering

In case of an emergency, the first move is to move the children to a safe area, and begin counting to find out the numbers still trapped inside. Using BLE Beacons and the Syook mobile app, the location of all the students and teachers are tracked in real-time.

Student & Teacher Attendance

Imagine a seamless system where there is no need for students to take attendance and yet for parents to be notified that their kids are in school. With a product like InSite, students’ and teachers’ location information is known at all times, the moment they are on the premises.

Access Control

We can provide visitor tags that can notify you if visitors enter areas where they shouldn’t be. This way, parents can be assured that their children are in the right hands at all times. Furthermore, the movement of any equipment can be tracked. Any expensive equipment leaving the area can trigger a notification.

Features of Syook InSite

Quick RoI

BLE Beacons are a low-cost solution with high accuracy, enabling immediate operational savings and quick return on investment.

Complete Security

We follow the highest security standards, and, aside from making use of Wi-Fi, InSite has absolutely nothing to do with your current IT set-up.

Easily Scalable

You may begin testing out beacons on areas of any size and widen reach of the application as you begin to see positive results.

Quick Set-up

A well-designed product and intuitive adoption process means that your business can have InSite tested and running in a few days.

Smart Dashboard

An easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to set-up rules for every asset and provides analytics to help offer insights in your operations.

Heatmaps On-Demand

Data can often hide what’s right in front of you. This is why InSite comes with heatmaps that provide complete process visibility.

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