Digitized Asset Management

Syook CMMS

Strategic value of tracking in logistics

Truck in Truck out is an industrial IoT solution used to monitor the location of trucks and drivers for managing in plant logistics and SCM at factories and warehouses.

With Syook InSite it is possible to create paperless gate pass, pre-approved truck information, leading to major time savings at the gate, which translates to additional profits and faster shipments


Lets crack some numbers

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Benefits of Syook TiTo

  • Predictable turnaround time
  • Accurate driver/vendor performance reports
  • Identify bottlenecks causing delays in real-time
  • More bargaining power
  • Decreased waiting times
  • Greater utilization of loading ramps
  • Increased throughput and performance
  • More efficient resource planning
  • Better control over deliveries/dispatch
  • More deliveries/dispatches per day
  • Higher accountability from the truck drivers/vendors
  • Reduced trucking bills
  • More trips per day
  • More KM per day
  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Predictable load/unload windows reduce costs
  • Decreased waiting time and travel time
  • Less congestion so less stress
  • Less paperwork, predictable driving and resting times.
  • Reduced pollution
  • Improved local traffic flows
  • Increased traffic safety

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