Syook Safe

Emergency Response & Mustering

Syook Safe

Emergency Response & Mustering

Safety: The topmost Priority

The safety of an individual is considered as utmost priority in any organization, whether it is a manufacturing unit, a hospital or a corporate office.

Fire and Safety Evacuation drills are carried out on a regular basis to ensure that in the face of an actual calamity, everyone present inside the facility is well prepared.
However, when an actual calamity occurs, finding the location of the people who have not reached the mustering area in the scheduled time becomes a top priority.


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Benefits of Syook Safe

  • Syook Safe provides organizations with the last known location of individuals in case of a calamity
  • Syook Safe also comes with an added feature of an SOS button
  • Once the button on the tag is triggered, it can send emergency alerts to the concerned authorities and quick action can be taken in order to resolve the situation
  • Headcounts are automatically taken when the person reaches the muster point
  • Even in an extreme situation of power failure, the last known location of the individual can be traced back using the Syook Safe Mobile App

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