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At Syook we have been tinkering with Bluetooth based location and proximity for some time now. We understand the advantages of knowing our spatial location. We built this social distancing app to help our enterprise customers encourage social distancing in their organisations. We would also like to encourage the community to practice social distancing. The Social Distancing App by Syook is a fun way to keep track of your social distancing and get a score based on how much social distancing you are practicing.

The Social distancing app by Syook has a very strong privacy policy. We do not track location, we don’t even know who you are. We do not collect this information. The app requests location permission because some devices require this to operate bluetooth. Please read our privacy policy for more details. The data of all devices you come in contact with are stored only in a local database on your phone and deleted when you uninstall the app.

We do not track your location, period. The only reason we ask for location permission is because in some phones bluetooth data is not shared unless this permission is enabled. The Indian government has mandated the use of the Arogya Setu app for contact tracing. Similarly, please follow your country’s Health Authority’s or Government’s guidelines for what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

The Social Distancing App takes in a bluetooth signal and based on the signal strength value, computes an approximate distance. Closer a phone, higher the signal strength value. When a phone comes within approximately 2 meters distance a notification of social distancing violation will be generated. This signal strength is adjustable and can be set easily on the app.

Not really, as long as everyone coming into contact with you has the Bluetooth ON in their phone in the discoverable mode, the encounter will be recorded and this will help in calculating the score. Due to the use of contact tracing apps most people these days keep Bluetooth on anyways.

We detect all bluetooth devices, to ensure maximum probability of detection. We also work with a wide variety of BLE ( Bluetooth Low Energy) tags in our industrial applications. In case your TV or another bluetooth device slips by our filters, add it to the snoozed device and all interactions with this device will be ignored till you choose to un-snooze this.

The score is reset daily and this helps you to see the progress you have made from day to day. In a day the score is calculated and updated based on the number of times social distancing is violated aka encounter. An encounter is defined as “when two phones are nearby”. Post the initial encounter, cool downtime of 2 minutes is applied before counting the next encounter with the same phone.
If you add a device of family members, roommates, etc. to the list of snoozed devices, then these devices are not included in score calculation. If there are no social distancing violations then you get a score of 100% and based on the number of social distancing violations, your score drops. The score calculation logic is evolving, and based on the feedback from users it will improve in the future.

Obviously, social distancing cannot be practiced with close family, roommates, and so on. A Snoozed device is a device whose notifications will be muted and these devices won’t be counted in the Social Distancing Score

We are working hard to have an iOS version up and running. Stay tuned and we will roll it out soon.

We are integrating the enterprise version of this app into our Real time location platform. If you are interested in contact tracing and risk profiling in your facility, please get in touch with us.

We would love to hear from you to know how you are using the app. Do write to us at [email protected], or just ping us on social media. Please look at the information tab on how to reach us.