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IoT solutions can bring huge improvements to manufacturing units. By monitoring assets and providing insights that can help improve systems and protocols, it can go a long way toward better productivity, safety and compliance standards.


The complex maze of operations and compliances within the healthcare sector could benefit greatly from an IoT solution that optimises resource deployment, betters operational compliance and vastly improves patient care.


Ensure the safety of students at an extremely low cost. With location knowledge at your institute, you can put parents at ease and bring efficiencies to various processes, from attendance to library management.

What is Syook InSite?

InSite is an Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to generate highly-accurate location data of all your resources, both assets and people, at much lower costs than comparable technologies. The result: Quick RoI and Improved Operational Performance. It’s Industry 4.0, ready for deployment!

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Immediate Operational Benefits

The impact of a real-time location system can be felt in multiple areas of operations.

Improved Productivity

InSite can quickly help reveal optimization opportunities in your operations. It offers up the ability to conduct time-motion studies to increase worker efficiency and, optimize resource flow.

Increased Safety

Control access to restricted areas, monitor visitors to the facility and improve the efficiency of your emergency response plan with InSite, a cost-effective solution for increasing safety standards.

Better Compliance

Compliance monitoring is time-consuming. But with the right rule configuration on the InSite dashboard, many aspects of compliance monitoring can be automated and compliance itself is likely to see improvement.

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  • Operational visibility, from anywhere, at any time!
  • Get relevant alerts and notifications straight to the phone
  • Click photos and attach information related to assets deployed
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