Visitor Management

Controlled Visitor Movements

Visitor Management

Controlled Visitor Movements

Need for Visitor Management

A lot of organizations have areas which are restricted and not accessible to visitors. Monitoring these locations and ensuring that visitors do not trespass in these sensitive areas is a challenge altogether.

Syook Visitor Management System is designed to monitor the movement of visitors within any facility of an organization to ensure that visitor movement is restricted.


Lets crack some numbers

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Benefits of Visitor Management

  • It is possible to see the actual time spent by the visitors amongst different areas
  • The real-time location of visitors also allows security to know the whereabouts of all visitors in the premise
  • Syook Visitor Management System allows configuration of rules for individuals or a set of individuals
  • For example, if a visitor is not allowed to access a particular area, the security can get an instant alert if he/she accesses it
  • Real time alerts will be sent to the concerned people to enable them to take quick actions

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